Holistic-Based Approach

Support That Makes a Difference

Tree Lined Park

Emotional Level

Feelings management where you learn how to:

  • get in touch with your feelings

  • to feel your feelings, especially the negative ones in a nondestructive way

  • release negative feelings and not carry them around longer than necessary


The differences between emotional childhood vs emotional adulthood:

  • how to take full responsibility for your life

  • shift from a victim to a winner mentality

Life Coaching 

Get the Most out of Life

My method is based on an integrated body – mind -spirit approach in which I offer you the best tools used in therapy, life coaching, meditation, mindfulness, spirituality but also leadership, communication and change management trainings for you to experience a powerful positive shift inside out.

We are complex individuals and in order to achieve powerful lasting transformations we need to have an integrated holistic approach on emotional, mental, behavioral and spiritual level. Each of it needs to be acknowledged, understood and upgraded.

Clifftop Yoga

Mental level

Here you will learn mindful approaches on how to:

  • increase your self-awareness

  • break negative patters

  • coping skills for stress management

Stones of Meaning

Behavioral level

The beliefs created at the mental and emotional level manifest at this level.

The most important aspect after creating the right minds set is to take massive action towards your goals.

You will learn how to:

  • how to manifest the mindset created at mental and emotional level to pursue your goals all the way through.

  • create positive changes

  • sustain the positive changes till they transform into positive patterns

  • how to deal with postponement

  • how to deal when feeling overwhelmed

Meditation by the sea

Spiritual level

We will use spirituality not in a sense of a religion but as love, compassion and connection.

You will learn how to:

  • create and manifest unconditional love

  • meditation and visualization techniques.

  • increase compassion for yourself and for others

  • forgiveness

You are embarking into an excited journey witch will lead you to a new upgraded version of yourself. Some of the most important aspect of your life which are going to improve through the coaching are your relationships, career and wealth.

A money back guarantee

IF you do ALL the work, you show up, and DON’T get results, I will refund you the money