Why therapy, why life coaching?

New born babies set foot into this world believing the word is there for them/that life belongs to them. Whenever a baby wants something they cry out till someone comes to pick them up and met its needs. You will not see a baby feeling ashamed to cry or thinking crying is not an option for them or feeling guilty they may bother someone. No 1 year old who is trying to walk and falls 10 times considers to give up thinking walking is not meant for he/she. No 1 year old refuses to walk around in their diaper because he/she is ashamed with his/her body image. Its all learned behavior which means if it is learn it can be unlearned

“Live as though life was created for you”

You were born the same, with love for life, full of love and with a purpose. You were meant to be here. You may want to stop me, as many of my clients do, and tell me that even your own parents didn’t want you. Maybe your parents didn’t, but somebody else did. Maybe it was God, the Universe, your partner or your future child. Maybe your soul chose this life or the people you are going to impact with your purposeful existence. You were meant to be here because guess what? You are here.

Imagine your life journey as a car ride. When you were born you were giving a passenger sit in a car. Somebody else was string the wheel: your parents, the society, educational system etc.

For many of us the ride was not enjoyable . The driver may have been abusing, alcoholic, absent, sank into his/her own pain or simply unavailable . This driver may have taken you through all sorts of bumpy roads, may have crushed the car in (im missing the word) while you were not even wearing a safety belt. Or maybe they parked the car on an isolated parking lot for way too long. Each driver brought his own luggage into the car. Language after language till the car became heavy and slow.

It might have not been a single ride but happened again and again till this ride became your internal GPS. An broken autopilot which drives the car long after the driver left and you are still in the passenger sit with lots of luggages that don’t even belong to you.

This powerful autopilot ( your subconscious mind) still bumps you into wrong partners, unwanted situations and negative feelings. It takes you trough landscapes that brings you no joy. This is the feeling of “something is not ok” we are all familiar with. The GPs programing is not yours , does not belong to you, is not your purpose. You don’t feel right about it because it drives you through somebody else landscape. Now is time to press reset button and to find your own path. You need to step into the driver sit, take control and kick ass.

It may feel scary at first because you will have to learn to drive yourself, you will need to decide your own destination, you will need to sort all the languages out to see which one is yours and which one you need to through out of the window. A powerful inside journey in which you will became lighter, consume less fuel , make space for what matters to you, enjoy the ride and find your peace. You may even discover that you want more than just driving, maybe you want to fly.

Sky is not even the limit

You are ready and capable of doing it. How do I know this? Because you are reading this, which means you already started your journey.

You have two options, you either go back to your old life and blame your unhappiness on the circumstance just to avoid leaving the passenger sit , either you take the steering wheel and press the acceleration paddle. You choose!

Lets get started

Feel the magic of freedom.

Sky is not even the limit

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